Four Affirmations That Flows With The Universe

The morning question…

What’s going on in my life? My financial issues are boring.

On my way to work four acronyms and number 888 shows up.

Can you imagine a quick respond from the Universe and I’m like what…? What do you mean with the four acronyms?

Let your neurons flow with the Universe in your body.


Four affirmations to attract money in your direction!

  • Total Value

I affirm my abundance to the Universe. My value is ACTION of the HEART.

  • Total Victory

I am victorious in my heart

  • Trigger Values

I feel prosperous with what I have and even when things trigger my soul.

  • Total Voltage

My synapses are in high voltage of positive energy with this intention; the Universe brings the financial awareness.



In my research this morning I came to the conclusion with a metaphor.

Keep your mind positive your neurons transmitters’ sends electrical or chemical signals throughout your body. When we think negative the emotional waves get cut up in a spider webs. Today, we call it emotional blockages.

888: This is a very auspicious sign of complete financial support from the Universe. Money is flowing in your direction! (Angels Numbers 101-Doreen Virtue)




Your neurons and synopses are no different from the UNIVERSE.

Don’t be shy ask the help you need from the Divine Source. Who knows you might get an AWESOME answer.



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4 thoughts on “Four Affirmations That Flows With The Universe

  1. Great read! Staying positive helps us attract what is good for us.

    Liked by 1 person

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