Experience Faith’s Magical Magnetic Power

Keep the Faith!

Which draws to you everything good that you long-await

Do you know what your desires attracts?

Faith and Optimistic attract miracles.


I love this quote from scorpioquotes.com

Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.

I will definitely keep that quote in mind.


You may not see it right now. bcb4c789274780f22b3eab321ab2c4bb

Above all have patience it’s the magical magnetic power for the final details that are being worked out in Heaven.

Do you know what the Magic Key is?

Keep the patience key in your hand for a reminder a new door of opportunity is around the corner.



A message that came to me this morning. Of course, with license plate numbers. Are you curious to know what the numbers are?

Have an AWESOME Monday!

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4 thoughts on “Experience Faith’s Magical Magnetic Power

  1. I woke up at 1:11 this morning. I see this number a lot.

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    • Whenever I see 111 it’s all about what we are thinking. Thoughts is energy and energy manifest instantly. Keep your mind-set positive and focus only on what you long-await. The numbers this morning 222 was a conformation to keep the faith and hold on to the magical key of patience. Blessing of love and light! 😉 xxxooo

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  2. I saw two cars directly one after another with 2222 and 222 on the license plates this morning. I interpret the 2222 as “have faith”. And then I read your post. What a synchronicity! Thanks for sharing.

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    • Your welcome Karin. 😉 The number was 322, 22 and 722 all talk about keeping the faith and stay optimistic. Not easy sometimes when nothing seems to move the you wish. Synchronicity is the secret of the law of attraction. When you tap into the collective consciousness anything is possible to attain. When we hold on to the magical key of patience miracles and synchronicities appears before our eyes. God Bless Karin and have a wonderful week. xxxooo 😉

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