Opening to Love for the New Year

Life takes us on a journey to manifest our own reality.

We have many speed bumps on our path we create comfort zone.


The fear keeps us behind the speed bumps.

Comfort zone victimizes us.


Speed bumps helps us to forgive ourselves

Our comfort zone helps us to heal when we are ready

Allowing imperfection in our lives creates harmony in your heart.


When we heal each memory cells we are allowing our sacred vessel to express self-love.

My sacred vessel is my soul

My temple is my body

My sacred vessel journey is to embrace the sweet nectar of self-love.



My temple is to discover my heart of joy.



My heart is to manifest unity with Mother Earth


This is my new resolution for 2017 expressing self-love for myself.

Appreciate each speed bump

Observe my emotions

Eliminate comfort zone that no longer serves a purpose in my life.

My hope and dreams for 2017 is to see more on social media and the news for the love we have for Mother Earth. Click here for the message from Mother Earth – Call for Planetary Healing.

Thank you for following and viewing my page for 3 years. I am grateful to have come this far and express my feelings and my synchronicity with you all. Shine your light like a sunflower for others to see the love we share with Mother Earth. Blessings!

Divine Notebook  

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