What’s Your Intention in Your Vortex?

A reminder to self,
When I set positive intention for self, I attract self-love.

manifestation1What you set out in your vortex, comes back to you in your life. Another word what you set out in the spirit world comes back to you in your reality.

By knowing what you vibrate in your vortex will create your reality. What are your intentions for 2017?



If we focus too much on judging others we will hurt ourselves. Instead of living our true potential we criticize self. For example, from a quote stated by Wayne Dyer ‘’when you judge another you do not define them, you define yourself.’’





In social media we have many negative respond to Trump for January 2017. Our mind is powerful when we create hate in our own vortex.




What do you want to create in your reality?





Here’s a great video from Abrahim Hicks– ultimate conversation on Donald Trump win – you must listen.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Intention in Your Vortex?

  1. We both shared a quote from WD this wk. 😊 One intent is to open my heart wide open.

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    • Synchronicity in motion…;-) Me too. I finally starting to get it when the mind gets so powerful you live from drama. When you open your heart you start feeling the drama not by hate rather with love and compassion. Your emotions are not the drama anymore. Like Abrahim Hicks says you start living in your vortex rather getting influence by the outside drama. An open heart is a golden heart. xxx

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