How to Bring more Magic into our Lives?


When we accept our weird feelings and ideas we bring magic and little miracles into our lives.

You’ll discover things will fall into place when we feel instead of thinking all the time. How we bring magic into our lives is about listening to the whisper of our heart and your intuition tickles and you can’t ignore it.


For example, saying yes to create my book Aimee and Divine Inspiration: On a Journey it began with a whisper within and the journey is a remarkable experience in my universal vortex.

Keep on dreaming you never know when the magic will appear in your life. I added the first illustration from my book that portrays the connection to the inner vortex even when we are dreaming.


A great video with Steven Spielberg– Listens to the whispers of his intuition

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4 thoughts on “How to Bring more Magic into our Lives?

  1. A beautiful illustration! Great advice.

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  2. Great advice dear Diane.. And that image is amazing out of your book.. Have a great weekend.. filled with Peace.. ❤ xxx

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