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The Adventure of Synchronicities in Motion


My daily walk

The call spoke from the Council of Light. The call to spend time outside each day to take pictures and add messages that manifest throughout my adventure. I don’t know how long the journey will last and I dedicate myself at least for 90 days to share with you the simplicity about life. I will probably start in mid-April just as soon the weather doesn’t call for freezing rain anymore.

Most of you may have notice I didn’t post much in the beginning of the year. I’ve been working hard to change a part of my life that no longer serves a purpose in my everyday lifestyle. I neglected one important ingredient in my journey of my awakening-Exercise. So I decided to commit and dedicate myself this spring and summer to bring more fun and joy into my life so I can celebrate a year of cultivating prosperity in health, career and new ideas.

In doing so I wanted to experience something different into my fitness program and spending time outside. I purchased this book by Tricia Gunberg, Say YES to who you are, to create fitness. You can visit her website for more information Tricia’s Energy Garden

Come and join Divine Notebook on an adventure of simplicity, awareness and joyful fun with the Universe messages.




Note: The Council of Light consists of the Supreme Intelligences of Creation they are Dimensional councils, Angelic councils, Councils of the Rays, Healing Councils, Planetary Councils, Brotherhoods, Sisterhoods, Ascended Master and other names you are familiar with.


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Water is Life!


Mountain Spring Water 

As I read Sue Dreamwalker’s blog Mothering Sunday, Spreading Love and Light she introduce us to Tom’s blog, Beyond The Sphere.

What an amazing idea to spread love with a digital candle on post entitled Sharing The Light.

I feel the love energy that our Mother Earth gives us every day without her we wouldn’t have water to drink for our survival and for all life here on planet earth. Every two weeks we get our mountain spring water about 45 minutes where we live. It’s a busy place and thanks of gratitude toward the city of Wakefield to give us free fresh water. I am sharing CTV news published in 2014 Wakefield muses charging non-residents for spring water. Water should be free! I’m sharing this candle for the love of our water and Tom invites us to share is Candle creations upon our blogs as we spread the Light in our darkness times. Fear shouldn’t be an issue rather ignite the energy of love from our heart should be all that matters.


What a wonderful idea to share a Light Candle on social media so we can spread light around the world. I have chosen this one and I hope you choose yours and let Tom know you are spreading light in your part of the Country. I’m sharing mind from Quebec, Canada.

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How to Express Your Individuality in two Magical Ingredients?


Originality on St-Patrick’s Day

As I express my individuality I am aware of my uniqueness and I am perfect just as I am right now.

  • I am creative
  • I am manifesting awesome ideas

My first positive thought is always stay authentic. Being authentic you invite like-minded people into your life and they will be attracted to you.

The second positive thought is not getting worried about social acceptance. Each day I create a space of being myself and I won’t suppress my true self to gain other’s approval.

One missing piece of the puzzle is to keep my thoughts positive so I can increase the speed of my manifestation into my life it includes:

  • Money
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Creativity
  • Friendship

So, my higher vibration of positive affirmation lifts my thoughts, my feelings and my beliefs in the higher level of consciousness.

Two Magical Ingredients that increase manifestations

Self-Confidence:  Anything you are seeking is seeking you.

Faith: Have faith and open your arms to receive

Being in the self-empowerment we are here to manifest results and I’ve been doing these examples:

  • Speak and read positive affirmation
  • Boost my faith
  • Stay optimism when things get unfortunate

I stay in a positive attitude vortex because I know it attracts positive outcome. Therefore, I listen to myself speak and write and I Control/Alt/Delete any self-chatter in my head. I normally say, ”I no longer need your assistance at this time, I rather stay silent.” by doing so, I calm my self-judgement on myself and others and the chatter goes away.

Daily Practice Techniques

I start each day with something simple and favorable to my well-being.

  • Praying my affirmation
  • Meditation
  • Reading from an uplifting book

A reminder that everything in our lives depends on our optimism. Diane Bourgeois

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The Spiritual Realm

dark-white-cloudsIn the Spiritual Realm you have the dark and white clouds.

The secret is to face the storm of manipulation with silence and steer the ship with confidence.

With faith and commitment you will see the rainbow appear.

The rainbow is your heart and when you can see the seven colours of your energy field aligned with your heart.

You have mastered the ability to love yourself without judgement.

It’s truly a Divine Inspiration!





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I am so pleased to announce a review for my children book Aimee and Divine Inspiration: On a Journey is featured in the magazine Story Monsters Ink.








My first review can be seen in the current March 2017 edition.



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