April Fool’s Day 2017


Mother Earth April Fool’s Day!

Yes! You’ve guess it from the photo more snow that started Friday night until early Saturday morning.

I’ll forgive Mother Earth because She gave us a white blanket of snow on trees.

Saturday morning drive.

How’s your Saturday going so far?


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2 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day 2017

  1. I live in a little micro-climate where we don’t get snow very often (unless it’s really heavy everywhere else) which is really strange as I can drive a few miles down the road into either blizzard conditions or scenes like your photograph, Diane. Not that I’m complaining, however! We had a lovely Spring day with bright sunshine for April 1st. Hope you have better weather today.

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    • Thanks Tom for letting me know how was your Saturday. I’m happy you are lucky 😉 Sunday is a beautiful day with sunshine. I will go for an afternoon walk to get the sun in my eyes. I still have to wear a spring coat but that’s okay when I see the snow melting I’m happy. 😉

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