Gratitude Journal: Compassion

I want to start with a thank you note to Karin who introduces me to Barbara Franken. I am a guest blogger/author at me, my magnificent self to write about Compassion. Thank you so much to both of you in experiencing the synchronicity in motion with me. Writing the article came at the write time not only to share my thoughts but also to heal.



I’m a true believer in Pema Chödrön quote.

For many months, I struggled with an emotion I couldn’t let go. What I’ve learned about the emotion is always a feeling you experienced in the past. What’s happening in the present moment you suddenly open your eyes but the scenario is with different people.

My experience in the awakening got to me. I got upset and started to lose focus and realized in the process I let the lower energy get the best of me.

But it thought me a great lesson to look at someone else’s heart and remember who they are from the energy field of love. Everyone is struggling with an emotion from the past all we have to do is be compassionate about someone else’s journey.


Diane xxoo

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9 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal: Compassion

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  2. Loved featuring you Diane, getting to know you and know we are going to bring great inspiration into the world… much love barbara x

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  3. So true Diane.. I think those of us who are sensitive and who are on this particular path are more susceptible to feeling these energies and our emphatic nature often reacts, creeping under our skin.. And before we know it we can feel at a low ebb..
    It took me a while to understand that at times not all emotions were mine.. That I was also feeling those about me, taking on other peoples stories and dramas in the world..
    The Energies of the world at present are very volatile and its so easy to allow it to get to us..
    Which is why I often step back and away from the Media and even the world of blog for a time..
    We need to focus upon ourselves.. This is not being selfish.. But while we are so readily to give compassion out to others.. We should also be more gentle with ourselves..

    Sending love.. And so great you have met Barbara.. and have a guest post.. Its a month since I visited Barbara’s blog, So I bet I have lots to catch up on too..

    Lots of Love..
    Sue ❤ ❤

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