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First Year Anniversary

Hi Everyone!
It’s my 1st year Self-Published Anniversary for my children book Aimee and Divine Inspiration. I’m giving away 3 books for free to the lucky 3 winners who will answer these 3 questions.

How cool is that!

The promotion is only for 3 days it will end on June 13th 2017 and I will be announcing the winners on June 14th.

Why 3 books?
I just love the energy of numbers and I briefly explained the meaning of the number 3. I love to read and listen to Vikki MacKinnon Tricia Gunberg and Alana Fairchild they are more in tune with Numerology numbers. And don’t forget to say Hi on there FB page.

Visit www.aimeeonajourney.com click on blog and you will find the answers for the 3 questions. Please private message me the answers on Facebook Author Diane Bourgeois
1. I’ve chosen the name Aimee for a reason. Can you specify the meaning of Aimee?
2. We all know from the cover book Divine Inspiration is a rainbow boat. Can you explain in a few words the deeper meaning of Divine Inspiration?
3. Aimee is on a journey to discover her true self. What’s Aimee’s purpose throughout her journey?

Thank you so much for being part of my journey and looking forward in sharing more videos.

Blessings and above be love!


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