Emotional Healing on Father’s Day

HFD-candle 4 dads who passed away

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home-Rumi


I started my adventure of synchronicity in motion I wrote back in March of this year. But, I never thought spending time outside could help me heal my feelings about my parents.

My story is brief but my intent is to explain the best way I have learned from chaos where love sparkles in the heart flame. The love hides but has you heal emotional toxins you feel the joy of loving yourself again inside out. My intention for this blog is to help someone who’s struggling with grief, pain, and sorrow.

Each year for the past 45 years on Father’s Day is not really my favourite weekend. Everyone I know is sharing how wonderful their father is. I’m sharing with you how I kept my anger, frustration, and resentment hidden inside of me. It comes a time in my life I’m ready to release the emotional toxins that no longer serves a purpose in my life.

So, this weekend is time for me to go through my emotions and shed tears to write a thank you note to my father. It’s time for me to heal the masculine energy and embrace my confidence. As I learn to heal from the inside out I’m learning how to breathe again.

Yes! I’m a shallow breather.

In my household it became a way of living through chaos and trauma. Emotions take over uncontrollably and I became anxious, nervous, easily freaked out and not firmly grounded with confidence and strength. As I learn how to breathe to stay calm, relaxed, grounded and stay confident in times of new challenges.

While growing up I remember little about my father willing to take part in my life adventures. As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend I needed to continue to make peace with the emotional turmoil I needed to face as a kid.



Pain and struggle

Verbal violence





As I think of the pain, he brought me in my life I need to write a gratitude note to my Dad wherever he is.

Yes! A thank you note because without you Dad, I wouldn’t be sharing with the world how darkness is not the way to live. I decided to express in my children book, Aimee and Divine Inspiration how your inner child is devoted to love can move through the darkness of your soul.

Gratitude Note

Dear Dad,

As I heal my male energy to develop confidence in my ability to go out into the world. I am making a positive difference in my life. You thought me so little on how to strengthen my confident but I forgive you and maybe you were struggling too. I learned the hard way but I am getting good at it. If you are feeling this from above I want to say thank you for showing me what not to do and seek Higher Energies like the Angels, Archangels, God, Jesus, Mary and all the Light Beings of the most High God of the Eternal Flame of Gaia.

I Love you from my inner child.

 Emotional toxins

For those who didn’t have loving parents growing up. Emotional wounds keeps you stranded in the shadow and you fear on things that doesn’t serve a purpose in the present moment.

I am healing my heart of old emotional pain. As I let go of anger, guilt, or other emotional wounds, I awaken a new level of power within me.

Affirmation: I am lovable and I deserve a happy heart.


My suggestion is to heal the past because when you die you bring your emotional toxins in your cellular memories.

Both my parents kept emotional grief and sorrow while they were living and died with the memories of the emotional trauma.

Prayer to self

A reminder to self to release and forgive from the emotional toxins I carried through my cellular memories in my life.

‘’I call upon the guardian angels of myself and my parents. I ask for your healing with my internal and external relationship with my parents. I’m willing to release emotional toxins associated with my childhood, adolescence and adulthood. I ask the guardian angels to help me forgive all pain for peace right now’’.

So be it.


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