.SunflowerShine Your Light Like A Sunflower

When we dance with the flow of the Universe we experience miracles- synchronicity in motion. The exploration of our endless possibilities helps us to expand our inner light.

I feel divine connection in my creativity, I continually grow, and improve as a result of the guidance I receive, this guidance has been with me since childhood.

For me it is important to share this divine connection, it expresses the oneness that I AM.  I AM as you are, an experience in bloom, a journey within change, and the simple clarity of cherished words in a notebook…


12 thoughts on “ABOUT DIANE

  1. So please to meet you. Thank you for the follow. Love the header and the dancing sunflower 🙂

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  2. Love your positive messages.

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  3. I am glad that I just found your site. Wonderful! I like how you share your daily synchronicities and daily divine guidance.

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  4. Wonderful to ‘Dance with the Universe’ may your smiles and light continue to shine upon all who visit..
    Blessings Sue

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    • Thank you Sue! I learned to keep shining in the dark. Dancing with the energy is so uplifting. I feel the joy of the flow of the Universe caressing my soul. Blessings! Love and Light Diane 😉

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  5. erikkahoon



  6. Creativity is a wonderful connector to spirit. I’m glad to meet another creative WP blogger and peacenik! Thanks for joining my blog. blessings, Brad

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