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Synchronicity in Motion: The Number 3 Energy


Picture taken by: Diane Bourgeois

I love this picture of the 3 butterflies.

I’ve mention in my previous videos on Facebook @AuthorDianeBourgeois I’m bringing the number 3 energy for this year.

The energy of 3:

Focus on expansion and fulfillment

Stay in tune with my intuition


Creative self-expression

Social connection/interaction

Create harmony

Birth of a new talent.

It’s all about synchronicity in motion and the butterflies confirm the energy for me this year.

I wanted to share with you how your intention or your thoughts are broadcast to the Universe and how the Source energy brings it forth in your reality.

Having said that, it’s very important what kind of thoughts you’re sending out.

I took the time to go for a walk in the woods today and taking pictures create a sense of harmony in my heart space. It keeps me centered in my Triad Energy.


The Triad energy is of the body, soul and spirit and it’s a reminder for us to stay connected with our heart energy. You see! Even the tree agreed!


I’m sending positive thoughts and love energy to the Universe so it will come back with a triple effect of harmony, self-expression, creativity, inspiration and all of what I’ve mention above.

The energy of the heart wings tree wanted to share with me and my friend Anne the Amazing Grace song. By clicking here you will be listening to a 7 year-old Gospel singer-Rhema Marvanne

I love to hear from you and comment below if you have any questions.

Love and Light!


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How to Bring more Magic into our Lives?


When we accept our weird feelings and ideas we bring magic and little miracles into our lives.

You’ll discover things will fall into place when we feel instead of thinking all the time. How we bring magic into our lives is about listening to the whisper of our heart and your intuition tickles and you can’t ignore it.


For example, saying yes to create my book Aimee and Divine Inspiration: On a Journey it began with a whisper within and the journey is a remarkable experience in my universal vortex.

Keep on dreaming you never know when the magic will appear in your life. I added the first illustration from my book that portrays the connection to the inner vortex even when we are dreaming.


A great video with Steven Spielberg– Listens to the whispers of his intuition

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Day 32: Law of Karma needs to shift in the light

Journal 18.08.2016 by Diane


I hardly see DAD on a license plate and this month of August a few cut my attention. I believe spirit guides speak to us in ways we love to receive it.


August 3rd the message is ‘’words are magnetic affirmations that draw to you the very things you talk and think about.’’ Fifteen days later the number 71 shows up and this is what I feel.

3 ways I feel good now!

  1. Stay on track with my desires and manifestations
  2. Stay positive and optimistic
  3. All of my dreams will be right there with me

My friend sent me a video of Matt Kahn – Feel Good Now brought me joy today and I understood karma needed to shift now.

God Bless Dear Heart of all that is!

See the Best in You-Gospel music of Matt Kahn suggested I feel good now.

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Day 20: Honor your Clairsentience!

Journal 06.08.2016

Today is a good day.

Once in a while you need time for yourself.
What is clairsentience?

You’ve probably heard the phrase follow your ‘’gut feeling.’’ In many cases 99.9% of the time you’re right- who wouldn’t be?  Sometimes we miss judge ourselves and say, ‘’Damn! I knew it!

When dreadful feelings comes up our ‘’gut feelings’’ respond too ‘’ avoid this direction’’ and other times an excitement feeling ‘’ I am on the right track.’’

Gut feelings are strong emotional responses that feel almost physical. An experience called, ‘physical sensations on other places in the body.’’ Make sure to take notes of particular physical sensations or impulses that arise when you open your chakras and tune into Spirit.

Some people who are emotionally clairsentient ignore their emotions, partly because they don’t realize that emotions are feedback from their Higher Self.

When you are feeling




You’ve cut yourself off from the route that your spirit wants to take.


Desires Clairsentience 

  • Are also feedbacks from your Higher Self about where you want to go. It is your Higher Self talking to you and leading you towards greater expansion.
  • True desires point the way on the path of your life and they are sacred to you.

Refuse to face something

  • It affects intuition and creates a blockage in Divine Truth at your third-eye chakra.
  • When you feel you have a hard time connecting with your true desires your inner dialog is probably saying, ‘’you can’t have what you want!’. You’re good at suppressing your own desires.

A quick tip

Firstyou need to connect with the desires of your Higher Self.

Second, you will be able to tune into your Spirit Guides.


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Day 19: Do what is right for ‘YOU’!

Journal 05.08.20126 by Diane


Being true too who you are it’s the key to success.

Forget what others say about you.

Own your power


Own your uniqueness


When we don’t fit in we are being ridicule, gossip, judge, criticize about what we do.

Mind control only brings confusion and chaos.







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