I Need More Faith in Myself


Butterfly! Bring my written words to Cosmic Love

As I gather my pieces of papers for a burning ceremony of my old written emotional thoughts. I found this butterfly card. I began reading the written words and understood that words are the art of manifestation. Every time I burn the written words on a piece of paper of old pain I experience a release of tension in my cellular memories.


Burning Ceremony

When I observe the fire burning the papers into ashes I say to myself, ‘‘I’m releasing old wounds and thank you fire elemental to release the past from my body. I thank you air elemental to bring the smoke up high so my cellular memories can heal in the Cosmic Love”.

I want to share what I wrote many moons ago, and it became a profound message for me in the present moment. A message I wrote to myself about the topic, ‘I need more faith in’.

Dear Diane,

I need more faith in…

…the people around me.

…myself of knowing I can manifest my life in different ways.

…my family. They are doing the best they can be in the now.

…my Heavenly ancestors. They are looking over me in my journey.

Our path to God is a spiritual enlightenment so,





Faith is a different form. I am always around you. So have faith in people! Even in the ones, that may not seem right at the time.

Please help me Faith.

Personal thoughts

Sometimes the mystery behind words and phrases, takes me on a quest for a deeper meaning.

Did you realize faith has different forms?

How do you feel when you reflect on Faith? 

I feel the connection in trusting in a higher order to life. Such as, a force which is the source of all life connects all life forms.

I had an idea what it meant but taking the time to share and learn its remarkable when you go on this spiritual journey. According to Richard Christopher he believes, from the Bible, there are only three kinds of faith, dead faith, demonic faith and active faith.

Details are not important here because one thing for sure, I don’t want to start a Biblical conversation. Our journey within can manifest in different forms because we are here to live and learn in our own way.

I understand this phrase now, ‘Faith is a different form.’

It’s a way of saying faith is discernment. No matter what we humans say our perception to life can take different forms. I’m proud to say now I bless the person who crosses my path to heal my wounds in my cellular memories. May faith bring in me and the other person a sense of forgiveness in each other and move on to attract positive outcome.

Write in the comments below, how do you feel and do you perceive any other forms of faith?

God Bless and Happy Easter weekend 2017 with friends and family!

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What’s Your Daily Journal means for You?


I remember back in High School in my English and French class the teacher created self-journal homework each day to correct my grammar and read how I wrote. I believe the purpose of writing is to love yourself!

Affirmation: I hear the whisper calling my heart to open my consciousness.

What’s my daily journal means for me?

My daily journal for me is a model in three amazing self-worth expression of my creativity.

  1. Opens consciousness: By opening to my emotions I release many blockages within every cells of my body. Your heart will thank you for it!
  2. Hear the whisper: When my Soul Heart listens to the invitation it connects to my I AM PRESENCE. Anyone can do this because we all have creative ideas.
  3. Confidence Boost: As I improve my dialog with myself. I increase the ability to listen to my intuition. Your dialog with your heart will navigate with the energy of your soul.

Even if a picture is worth a thousand words I find words also is a way of expressing our creativity.


My journal

Having confidence in my values is an amazing feeling of self-respect.

Affirmation: I give myself permission to have confidence in my own worth!

In sociology and psychology, self-esteem reflects a person’s overall subjective well-being of his or her own worth. So self-judgment is a real block in the words we choose.

When people are disrespectful, it’s not because they aggravated us. What it means is we haven’t found our true calling in life. If you had any trauma in your life like I did and you didn’t feel you were treated right. You doubt your self-esteem and you don’t tolerate others lying to you or treating you unfairly.

What matters most is your attitude toward the self.


Share your comments below on what’s your daily journal means to you?

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You Are Not Alone


Remember you are not alone.

Find organizations that resonate with you in your future projects.

Find likeminded people.

When you are looking for a change in your life.

You will not find it where you work.

Where you work they are great people.

Remember, it is from your old thinking –‘dogma’

If you are playing a victim you will find people who require some pity in return.

Stand your ground and command your authority.





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Day 19: Do what is right for ‘YOU’!

Journal 05.08.20126 by Diane


Being true too who you are it’s the key to success.

Forget what others say about you.

Own your power


Own your uniqueness


When we don’t fit in we are being ridicule, gossip, judge, criticize about what we do.

Mind control only brings confusion and chaos.







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Day 11: What’s your intuitive style?

Journal 28.07.2016 by Diane


Today is a quiet day of reflection.

Looking in my book library I came across Discover your psychic type by Sherrie Dillard

I don’t recall the year I bought this book. I was drawn to the intuitive type questionnaire at the beginning.


Sherrie mentioned to keep in mind we all have aspects of tendencies of each of the types within us. Keeping that in mind, I determine my predominant type and my less dominate types.

We got four intuitive style –

  1. Physical intuitive
  2. Emotional intuitive
  3. Mental intuitive
  4. Spiritual intuitive

Years ago I got 1.Emotional, 2.Mental, 3.Physical and 4.Spiritual.

We do change over the years and the second time.  1. Spiritual 2.Equal score/Physical & Emotional 3.Mental.

I won’t go in depth for each intuitive style the phrases will give you an idea. You can always visit Sherrie Dillard website or buy the book if the topic resonate with you.

Spiritual intuitives draw their strength and power from the intangible world. They offer us a glimpse into the cosmos.

Physical intutitives is attuned to the vibration of the divine made physical. Many physical intuitives hold a strong inner knowledge of the earth and her creatures as divine, and they are often devoted to healing the earth.

Emotional intuitives travel the path of the heart. They receive psychic information through their emotions, they are the most prone to experiencing intense, unexplained feelings.

Mental intuitives, the psychic spiritual journey is through the mind. They may quickly receive insight into how to solve problems and issues that plague the planet. It is not unusual for a mental intuitive to have an instantaneous knowledge of the universal laws and the connections between science and spirituality.

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