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WHAT THE HEALTH – Full Documentary




I believe we need to wake up.

I’m exhausted with all the lies happening for our health. All because of monitory gain.

I don’t know what else to say and all I can do is pray and send love into the world.

So I’m sharing this documentary from google search called, WHAT THE HEALTH



I wanted to listen again to the documentary but when you click on the link above for the documentary it got debunked. Here is a interview with Dr. Neal Barnard in clarifying from the criticism in the film.

To learn more about what the health, you can always click on the website.


Be careful what you eat. All you need is to detoxify three organs.


Sugar and salt gradually reduce the energy of your kidneys. Think about it.

Your kidneys handle the watery liquids in your body.

They clean your blood 24 hours a day.

Regulate all your body fluids

Regulate heart, sexual functions, digestive fluids, brain, emotions and lots more.

Large Intestine

The colon is connected with the sinuses.

In the early 1900s a doctor named Tilden cured people of deadly pneumonia using enemas, colonics and live foods.


The liver filters oil soluble waste

Your skin is like an extension of your liver.

Your skin is talking to you. If your skin itches, burns, tingles, breaks out, is really dry, or you have eczema, psoriasis or rashes, it means your liver is toxic and full of garbage. If you want nice skin, start by cleaning your liver, and kidneys.




Heal you face by Markus Rothkranz



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Disease in the Body is Your Own Painful Emotions


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Day 20: Honor your Clairsentience!

Journal 06.08.2016

Today is a good day.

Once in a while you need time for yourself.
What is clairsentience?

You’ve probably heard the phrase follow your ‘’gut feeling.’’ In many cases 99.9% of the time you’re right- who wouldn’t be?  Sometimes we miss judge ourselves and say, ‘’Damn! I knew it!

When dreadful feelings comes up our ‘’gut feelings’’ respond too ‘’ avoid this direction’’ and other times an excitement feeling ‘’ I am on the right track.’’

Gut feelings are strong emotional responses that feel almost physical. An experience called, ‘physical sensations on other places in the body.’’ Make sure to take notes of particular physical sensations or impulses that arise when you open your chakras and tune into Spirit.

Some people who are emotionally clairsentient ignore their emotions, partly because they don’t realize that emotions are feedback from their Higher Self.

When you are feeling




You’ve cut yourself off from the route that your spirit wants to take.


Desires Clairsentience 

  • Are also feedbacks from your Higher Self about where you want to go. It is your Higher Self talking to you and leading you towards greater expansion.
  • True desires point the way on the path of your life and they are sacred to you.

Refuse to face something

  • It affects intuition and creates a blockage in Divine Truth at your third-eye chakra.
  • When you feel you have a hard time connecting with your true desires your inner dialog is probably saying, ‘’you can’t have what you want!’. You’re good at suppressing your own desires.

A quick tip

Firstyou need to connect with the desires of your Higher Self.

Second, you will be able to tune into your Spirit Guides.


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DAY 1 : Dear Heart of All Heart 

Journaling 18-07-2016 by Diane


Dear Heart of All Heart we greet you as one

We are the collective consciousness informing of great change is happening in the world. We must change our way of thinking. We greet you with the most I God of All Life

 DQ: In what way do we need to change our way of thinking?

In changing our way of living we change our way of thinking. We cannot sustain the way we live today—in regards to humanity.



DQ: Dear Zoha. I have come in the likeliness of God Almighty I greet you as one. In the name of God Almighty what is my message today of prayer?

Dear heart I Zoha, greet you. 

Sit quietly in the Presence of the Great I AM.

Send love from your heart to Mother Gaia

Take time to breathe her energy of love and transmute this energy into the world

Illuminate Gaia for the world to see. 

Only love exist in this world

Hate is only an illusion of the mind

Connect with your I AM PRESENCE

Connect with your HEART

Connect with LOVE

Embrace who you are Dear heart

Go out in nature and send love to the tree

Breathe with the tree

What happens is the root of the tree will send the message through the earth and the roots will transmute the love energy to the other tree. This is how you multiply love in the four directions.




The sun sends its ray to the planet. The rainbow rays are the vibration of love and unity.

Pray Dear Heart for humanity for your:

  • Brothers
  • Sisters
  • Family
  • Friends

When we all pray for quietness, peace and love – We change our lives. We change our way of living.

DQ:  Do you mean changing your way of living, changes our way of thinking?

Yes! Dear Heart

Create harmony in your daily life

Create a sacred place in your house and outside in your garden

If you don’t have a garden make space on your balcony with plants and elementals.

  • Water elemental: Fountain
  • Earth elemental: Plants
  • Fire elemental:  Burning Essence 
  • Air elemental: The air we all breathe

Ask the four elementals for help in surrounding your prayers for more love, peace and quietness in your world on a daily basis.

DQ: Is there anything else I need to know today?

Be the enlighten one in this journey

A true leader has courage to be a true warrior of peace

Take action in the Elemental Kingdom, they will be glad to help you in your journey

Be grateful

Be love

Namaste Dear Heart

For the heart to hear

For the eyes to believe

For the vibration of love to spread in each four directions

Blessings Zoha from the Great Central Sun of the Great I AM Emmanuel of Jesus the Christ


Note: There are a lot of informative do’s, and many clues in this reading. Here are a few examples below but there is many more. Have fun with your own experience.

Warrior of Peace

Four elementals


QUOTE: The sword of the peaceful warrior is love- Gary Amirault 






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Homemade Toothpaste

Over the years without knowing the consequences of taking fluoride led me to be passive about my health. I did some research and this is what I found.

The following toothpaste ingredients cause health issues in humans:

Propylene glycol: “It is a solvent for food colors and flavors, and in the paint and plastics industries.”

Triclosan: Scientists categorize triclosan as a chlorophenol, which is a type of chemical suspected of causing cancer in humans.

Sodium Fluoride: Used as rat poison.


Toothpaste with no-fluoride

You can purchase toothpaste without fluoride for kids and adults in your local health food stores.

Some of the brands you can find are Dr. Ken’s All Natural Maximum Care, Kiss My Face, Auremere Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste, The Natural Dentist Peppermint Twist Whitening or Tom’s of Maine. It has been over a year since I stopped using fluoridated toothpaste, and I still get a thumbs up when I go to the dentist.

Now I’m on a quest to make homemade toothpaste with coconut oil- a simple recipe that is easy to make. Below is the best recipe I have found so far.

Homemade toothpaste

The benefit for each ingredient is so fascinating I am finally using the dentist recommendation on brushing my teeth 2 to 3 times a day. It is so refreshing. Recipe click here


6 tbsp coconut oil

6 tbsp baking soda

25 drops essential oil (whatever your prefer)

1 tsp stevia (optional)


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Whip it really well.
  2. Pour into a mason jar.

Benefits on the ingredients listed above

Coconut oil: Despite its unhealthy reputation coconut oil is actually a source of healthy fats. Read more at huffpost living :12 facts about this wonderful ingredient. There are many more ways we can use coconut oil, read ‘why I love using coconut oil’ at family sponge.

Baking soda: Known as sodium bicarbonate for baking it can also be used in many ways. You can find more information in 51 fantastic uses for baking soda.

Essential oil: Depending on which one you prefer you can always read up on the health benefits. I like eucalyptus oil it has antiseptic qualities and it is good for dental care.

Stevia: Personally I rather not use sugar if you have a sugar tooth here is an alternative derived from a plant. Other than sugar alternative, I rather use the power foods of honey. (Find a local experienced beekeeper that makes honey directly from the beehive.)


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