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Sunday Fun Day!

Everyday, add sunshine into your journey.


Sunday, April 2, 2017


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Water is Life!


Mountain Spring Water 

As I read Sue Dreamwalker’s blog Mothering Sunday, Spreading Love and Light she introduce us to Tom’s blog, Beyond The Sphere.

What an amazing idea to spread love with a digital candle on post entitled Sharing The Light.

I feel the love energy that our Mother Earth gives us every day without her we wouldn’t have water to drink for our survival and for all life here on planet earth. Every two weeks we get our mountain spring water about 45 minutes where we live. It’s a busy place and thanks of gratitude toward the city of Wakefield to give us free fresh water. I am sharing CTV news published in 2014 Wakefield muses charging non-residents for spring water. Water should be free! I’m sharing this candle for the love of our water and Tom invites us to share is Candle creations upon our blogs as we spread the Light in our darkness times. Fear shouldn’t be an issue rather ignite the energy of love from our heart should be all that matters.


What a wonderful idea to share a Light Candle on social media so we can spread light around the world. I have chosen this one and I hope you choose yours and let Tom know you are spreading light in your part of the Country. I’m sharing mind from Quebec, Canada.

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Day 21: The Magic is within an inner child

Journal 07.08.2016


‘’The magic has always been within an inner child’’


An inner child is a person’s true self.

An inner child will always call for help from the beloved Archangels.

Call upon Archangels

Haniel when you feel unsure, or bad about yourself. Haniel will help you appreciate yourself and see how beautiful you are inside out.

Contact Uriel when you need intellectual guidance and ideas

Raguel will help you sort all your feelings, enabling you to notice, understand, and follow them.

Jophiel is your private spiritual interior decorator for spring cleaning.

Call upon Ariel to boost your confidence and courage.

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Amazing Grace

Today is a good day!

Quiet thoughts-

I Feel different.

I Feel the sorrow of humanity…

The World is being bombarded with fear

My heart is saddened.

The predictions on Melbrake and World Predictions call for more sorrow-


The Love of Grace tells me

Not let darkness dim your light

Your light is always shining

Your soul heart is always connected to Source

Pray for love

Shine your light like a brightest star

Always remember this Dear heart,

You are LOVE

LOVE conquers all darkness

Spread your star

It will guide you to your Higher Self

Bring forth your uniqueness of Grace..

What is Grace?

Grace: In a heartfelt wisdom of pure love and joy. God resides in your heart. God meaning the energy force. Call it ‘the force be with you’ if you which to have more of a clarity of what is pure love and joy.

This is the message I received about the things that are happening with the world. Today is all about sharing love and joy. Spread your star of light and love. Share your love and gratitude today with a stranger…

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GOD 101: Healing Planet Earth – story 3


When each’s person concentrates on cosmic love it becomes a solution for everything.

Expressing love and gratitude elevates the frequency of Cosmic Love.

Cosmic love is the fundamental energy needed on planet earth.

What is Cosmic Love?

  • A Love that is everything – a multi-dimensional solution.
  • Self-love.
  • Thinking with your heart.
  • Centering your love in your heart.
  • High vibration Love.

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