I Need More Faith in Myself


Butterfly! Bring my written words to Cosmic Love

As I gather my pieces of papers for a burning ceremony of my old written emotional thoughts. I found this butterfly card. I began reading the written words and understood that words are the art of manifestation. Every time I burn the written words on a piece of paper of old pain I experience a release of tension in my cellular memories.


Burning Ceremony

When I observe the fire burning the papers into ashes I say to myself, ‘‘I’m releasing old wounds and thank you fire elemental to release the past from my body. I thank you air elemental to bring the smoke up high so my cellular memories can heal in the Cosmic Love”.

I want to share what I wrote many moons ago, and it became a profound message for me in the present moment. A message I wrote to myself about the topic, ‘I need more faith in’.

Dear Diane,

I need more faith in…

…the people around me.

…myself of knowing I can manifest my life in different ways.

…my family. They are doing the best they can be in the now.

…my Heavenly ancestors. They are looking over me in my journey.

Our path to God is a spiritual enlightenment so,





Faith is a different form. I am always around you. So have faith in people! Even in the ones, that may not seem right at the time.

Please help me Faith.

Personal thoughts

Sometimes the mystery behind words and phrases, takes me on a quest for a deeper meaning.

Did you realize faith has different forms?

How do you feel when you reflect on Faith? 

I feel the connection in trusting in a higher order to life. Such as, a force which is the source of all life connects all life forms.

I had an idea what it meant but taking the time to share and learn its remarkable when you go on this spiritual journey. According to Richard Christopher he believes, from the Bible, there are only three kinds of faith, dead faith, demonic faith and active faith.

Details are not important here because one thing for sure, I don’t want to start a Biblical conversation. Our journey within can manifest in different forms because we are here to live and learn in our own way.

I understand this phrase now, ‘Faith is a different form.’

It’s a way of saying faith is discernment. No matter what we humans say our perception to life can take different forms. I’m proud to say now I bless the person who crosses my path to heal my wounds in my cellular memories. May faith bring in me and the other person a sense of forgiveness in each other and move on to attract positive outcome.

Write in the comments below, how do you feel and do you perceive any other forms of faith?

God Bless and Happy Easter weekend 2017 with friends and family!

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Experience Faith’s Magical Magnetic Power

Keep the Faith!

Which draws to you everything good that you long-await

Do you know what your desires attracts?

Faith and Optimistic attract miracles.


I love this quote from

Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.

I will definitely keep that quote in mind.


You may not see it right now. bcb4c789274780f22b3eab321ab2c4bb

Above all have patience it’s the magical magnetic power for the final details that are being worked out in Heaven.

Do you know what the Magic Key is?

Keep the patience key in your hand for a reminder a new door of opportunity is around the corner.



A message that came to me this morning. Of course, with license plate numbers. Are you curious to know what the numbers are?

Have an AWESOME Monday!

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Journey 2 : Journeying with the Queen of All Hearts for 33 days


Once again I’ve been called to pray for 33 days with the Queen of All Hearts. My heart is aching from listening to what is going on in the world.

I don’t want to hear it.

I don’t want to see it.

My heart is aching with sadness and when this happens it is time to retreat and pray. My question each morning is ‘’what is my message today?’’ and ’what do I need to learn?’’ 

The journey of Divine Notebook is a path for those who seek information of the heart. I  had my first experience in Sept 2014 and it took many days to gather all the information. What I ask of you is to do your own research. With the messages that are being guided from my 33 day journey I offer my journal.

This second journey carries an urgent message to be shared. The message is for my own inner wisdom and is a small dose of enlightenment. May the synchronicities in motion take you on a journey of inspiration and transformation.

Let your heart search for the truth within your own experience.

I am a Spirit of Light

We are all Spirit of Light in search for LOVE



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A Message From The Clock A Source Of Guidance

We always receive messages to help us on our path, sometimes the bearer of the answer is a simple clock. We all look at the clock and see the time- what if it’s more than that?

Consider that clocks are significant because they encourage a focus on the present moment. They remind us that our guides are ready to speak to us, and provide insight into our feelings. The questions we ask come back to us as numerical answers – 11:11, 8:33, 9:55… Your source of guidance is relevant to you and only you. Numbers are everywhere, so it makes sense that it is a source of guidance for all of us. For example I asked ’how do I create a workshop using all my ideas I’ve been working on.’ I looked at the clock 8:33 am when I looked at it again it was 9:55 am, and my workshop was planned and typed! Another question I asked, ‘’my life is it about to change and what can I do to overcome my fears, and to increase my awareness while moving towards my life purpose?’”

The answer to my question – have FAITH!

But what is faith? It’s easy to say ‘let go and have faith’ but where do you start?

A path towards faith

Let go-

Have Faith.

Walk confidently

in Faith.


and see through the eyes of Love.


Love unconditionally.

Angels and Archangels

have patience and keep thoughts


Trust it is for the best.


a co-creator of your prayers,

boosts your faith,


Heavenly words.



Right direction-

Yields the highest possible outcome for you!

A message of Faith and Optimism

Heaven works behind the scenes encouraging manifestation. All things are possible with faith, sit in prayer and have faith that the Ascended Masters are looking out for you.


Soul Gratitude Positive affirmations

-Thank you Heaven for helping me with the changes in my life.

-My faith is with you God I thank you.

-From my soul God, I love you!




Doreen Virtue book Angel numbers 101


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Soul Gratitude Thriving From The Heart: 2 step gratitude practice

I’ve heard that practicing gratitude is important in cultivating prosperity in our life. So I decided to create a gratitude jar that represents thriving, and an abundance of love.


What makes gratitude so important in our daily lives?

Our soul appreciates the small things we normally take for granted, like someone holding the door open for us, or a smile from a stranger. It’s everyday acts of gratitude that create blessings for each person to share. Imagine each person being a soul of gratitude for someone else!

What is Soul Gratitude Thriving from the heart?

Let’s break down each word. The soul is the essence of a specified quality regarded as immortal. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. Thriving is to prosper or to bloom.

Would you agree a part of our immortal soul has a quality of being thankful and each time we blossom we are in harmony with Love?

A focus on gratitude saw the abundance in my life grow by leaps and bounds here are two steps I used:

The first step:

Feel the love, and trust the intuition in your heart, then act. Waiting passively for prosperity to fall into your lap is a blockage created by the mind- act. You may have heard stories about well-known people spending money before receiving prosperity-it’s true. Faith in oneself, and the ability to strive towards your passion invites abundance.

Passion is that burning sensation that pushes you to take the first step in changing your life. For me, trusting my heart in moving forward helped when I was at a crossroads.  I was going to get a second job to pay for the fees to self-publish my children’s book, but I would be contradicting my passion if I did that. Instead, I chose to create a platform for myself one that will satisfy both needs.

The second step:

Give without expecting anything in return- deeply and fully from the heart. Connecting with feelings of gratitude plugs you into joy. Imagine looking back at the end of the year and seeing the good you have done and experienced!

When we set the intention to speak about positive subjects, the conversation changes for the better…

The results:

  • Friendships strengthen
  • Our Spirit is nurtured
  • Opportunities to affirm increase
  • Abundance is created

The seeds of gratitude we plant may be simple, but the act of opening our hearts reveals a knowing that we are worthy of greatness!

Click here for gratitude videos.

A practice: Gratitude Affirmation

I welcome the goodness life brings me. I appreciate the people who are here in my life to heal a part of my existence, and to bring me joy in my life.

Blessings to all!


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