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Synchronicity in Motion: The Number 3 Energy


Picture taken by: Diane Bourgeois

I love this picture of the 3 butterflies.

I’ve mention in my previous videos on Facebook @AuthorDianeBourgeois I’m bringing the number 3 energy for this year.

The energy of 3:

Focus on expansion and fulfillment

Stay in tune with my intuition


Creative self-expression

Social connection/interaction

Create harmony

Birth of a new talent.

It’s all about synchronicity in motion and the butterflies confirm the energy for me this year.

I wanted to share with you how your intention or your thoughts are broadcast to the Universe and how the Source energy brings it forth in your reality.

Having said that, it’s very important what kind of thoughts you’re sending out.

I took the time to go for a walk in the woods today and taking pictures create a sense of harmony in my heart space. It keeps me centered in my Triad Energy.


The Triad energy is of the body, soul and spirit and it’s a reminder for us to stay connected with our heart energy. You see! Even the tree agreed!


I’m sending positive thoughts and love energy to the Universe so it will come back with a triple effect of harmony, self-expression, creativity, inspiration and all of what I’ve mention above.

The energy of the heart wings tree wanted to share with me and my friend Anne the Amazing Grace song. By clicking here you will be listening to a 7 year-old Gospel singer-Rhema Marvanne

I love to hear from you and comment below if you have any questions.

Love and Light!


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Happy Mother’s Day – Gaia!

Mother Earth is also our Mother. Please respect our Mother Gaia


Goddess Earth- Mother


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Earth Teach Me to Remember


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DAY 4: Helping and Respecting Mother Earth Beauty

Journal 21.07.2016 By Diane

This morning I picked-up a few pieces of trash on my way to work. You can find the video here  FB page at Mystical Nature Spirit called The Fairy present

At the same time I noticed a piece of spruce on the grass see picture below.

A reminder that we may not understand what we think we do.


A reward for a job well done helping Mother Earth. As we respect her beauty she gives us every moment of the day.



By Cinnamon Moon 1 at spirit : Nature Speak/Ted Andrews Keynote: Understanding; attend to your dreams; trust intuition

Plant meaning:  Plant Symbolism – A Guide To The Spiritual Meaning of Plants : In5D

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Journal 20.07.2016 by Diane


Every morning I ask,

  • What is my message today?
  • What do I need to learn?

I always finish with I LOVE YOU, I BLESS YOU, I THANK YOU

I affirm that I am receiving love; I am receiving blessings and gratitude every day.

This morning my eyes glanced at a post and I took a picture.  See picture below.


For me NOVEK means at the moment,
New: Every day is a new dawn
Omnipresent: The Love of God is everywhere and infinite
Volume: Power of sound vibrating on a higher level
Energy: Sparkle your light energy
Knowing: Be aware; Light-bulb moment


On my lunch hour walk, I spotted a violet bracelet. See picture below.

Friendship bracelet

All I could think of is the crown chakra symbol and connected with the Ascended Masters. I always have Jesus in my heart.

A close friend of mine told me children make friendship bracelets for their dearest friends, and that it is a symbol of great friendship. Looking at the shape it looks like the letter ‘J’. Ah!  Ascended Master is near.

Usually I don’t pick up what does not belong to me. Something inside of me said to pick it up. On my way home I saw three times the number 333, and when we see the number sequence more than once it amplifies the significance of the meaning.  I spotted 444 and 34333. You can check Doreen Virtue Angel Number 101 here. 333, 34, 444

The signs on my way home told me I made the right decision.


  1. If you had noticed the word NOVEK on your walk to work what would be your interpretation? 
  2. If you had spotted a violet bracelet what would the significance have been for you?


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