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I am a Gatineau Author spreading awareness to heal our heart.

Aimee and Divine Inspiration: Embarking on a new adventure is all about embracing our future with self-love.


Book summary:

Will Aimee find her true self in her darkest hour? Will Aimee get lost in the shadow cave? Follow Aimee on the river of change as she goes into a forest of dreams and ventures through the cave of shadows. Will Aimee be brave enough to find her rainbow?

This book is about a child on a quest to discover her true self. The divine river of life takes her on a journey of great change through magical forests of strength and love. On her voyage, the cave of shadows challenges her. If she can pass through the cave, she will discover the greatest treasure of her life!

Author Bio:

Diane Bourgeois has had psychic experiences for as long as she can remember. She lives every day according to her personal mantra: love, play, and create value for others.

Diane devotes her free time to practicing meditation at home and in nature, engaging in the intuitive arts, writing and inspired by nature. Diane lives in Gatineau QC, Canada.

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I won 2nd place in the Religion/Spirituality category of the 2017 Royal Dragonfly Book Award.

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