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Are You A Spiritual Warrior?


Spiritual Warriors are the ones who are bold enough to defeat the dark night of their soul. Rising from the ashes a bright light shine and becomes a Rainbow Warrior.


The Rainbow Warrior will express the love of the Great Spirit that flows on the river of life.


When you read the children book from Aimee and Divine Inspiration you will notice the journey of our soul light blueprint is to express our Spiritual Warrior energy. Little Miracle happens when our soul shine.


Blessing to the people who are strong enough and have the courage to defeat the darkness of their soul.

To whom who had read my short story of my awakening and rising from the depths of my deepest fear is…(click here to find out what it is)

Take care of yourself.

Love yourself.


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Never Give Up On Your Dreams



I want to thank Tristan for welcoming me with my first book signing at his store Otherworld Treasures. You can always find him on Facebook and  website Otherworld Treasures The experience was awesome and looking forward in meeting other owners at book stores. Stay updated on my Facebook page Divine Notebook

You can find more information on my website

Here is a picture of me getting ready for my big day.


Getting ready!

I am ready!





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DAY 5: Are You Serving A Purpose In This World?

Journal 22.07.2016 By Diane


It is pretty quiet this morning.

I notice the number sequence 777 twice, and I am reflecting on the numbers 998 and finally 808.

Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers 101

Numbers don’t lie

777: You are definitely on the right path in every area of your life. Stay balanced and spiritually aware so that you can continue moving forward on this illuminated path

998: Put your entire focus on serving a purpose in this world that’s connected to your natural interests

808: Everything you need is supplied to you in abundance. Open your arms to receive all of the good that your Creator bestows on you now. This abundance comes to you in many ways, including ideas, opportunities, and people who offer to help you. Be sure to notice and follow these answers to your prayers.

Check out my new Children’s book Aimee and Divine Inspiration On a Journey  at 

I still have to repeat to myself ‘’did you know that I am a self-published author at Balboa Press’’

Aimee and Divine Inspiration

I responded to the question above.  

YES! I Can Do It!  

So Can You! 

 I am in service with the Creator 

May the Creative Force be with You!





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