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Synchronicity in Motion: The Number 3 Energy


Picture taken by: Diane Bourgeois

I love this picture of the 3 butterflies.

I’ve mention in my previous videos on Facebook @AuthorDianeBourgeois I’m bringing the number 3 energy for this year.

The energy of 3:

Focus on expansion and fulfillment

Stay in tune with my intuition


Creative self-expression

Social connection/interaction

Create harmony

Birth of a new talent.

It’s all about synchronicity in motion and the butterflies confirm the energy for me this year.

I wanted to share with you how your intention or your thoughts are broadcast to the Universe and how the Source energy brings it forth in your reality.

Having said that, it’s very important what kind of thoughts you’re sending out.

I took the time to go for a walk in the woods today and taking pictures create a sense of harmony in my heart space. It keeps me centered in my Triad Energy.


The Triad energy is of the body, soul and spirit and it’s a reminder for us to stay connected with our heart energy. You see! Even the tree agreed!


I’m sending positive thoughts and love energy to the Universe so it will come back with a triple effect of harmony, self-expression, creativity, inspiration and all of what I’ve mention above.

The energy of the heart wings tree wanted to share with me and my friend Anne the Amazing Grace song. By clicking here you will be listening to a 7 year-old Gospel singer-Rhema Marvanne

I love to hear from you and comment below if you have any questions.

Love and Light!


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The Holly and Oak King Tree Challenge


The Holly and the Oak are viewed as two “kings” who exchange leadership on a yearly basis by engaging in symbolic battle.
The Gaelic name for Holly—Tinne—is related to the word, tanist, meaning “dark twin” reigns during the waning light of the year, until winter solstice.

The Holly King overseer of holly trees, he rules the forests and woods during the fall and winter seasons.
Call upon the Holly King to help you rest, reflect and retreat.

The guardian Oak King rules from the time the light begins its ascent in December until the summer solstice in June.
Call upon the Oak king to help you with new projects and anything involving growth, renewal, and birth.

The Holly and Oak King tree challenge

Your challenge for 2017 is to find an holly and oak tree in the woods or even in a park.
Ask the tree for permission to take a picture and say the thank you prayer after you took the shot. The tree will thank you in return for your gratitude.

hollyThank the Holly King tree:
Thank you Holly in reminding me to calm my emotions, so I can reach wise decisions about my situation.
I love you










Thank the Oak King tree:

Thank you Oak in reminding me how great strength and power can be achieved through patience and faith.
I love you







Have fun finding these two trees in the woods or park and share a picture. If you have any questions comment below or share your findings.

Blessings from the Fairy Realm

(Pictures are from google search)
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