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Why Negative Chatter Exist?

Negative chatter doesn’t exist in our mind we attract those radio waves and we let them in.


Aura field (google search)

I rarely talk about my dreams but this one relates to a question about emotions and previous experience.

The dream let me understand we are like a radio waves ready to tune in on the right frequency. We have our antennas tune in to other people energies and carry on the communication channel. We are here on the Earth with free will and by following our own judgement it’s up to us to choose the right radio waves.

I love Orlando post, Never A Good Idea is a good example to say those four words. It reminded me of this Oracle card by Doreen Virtue Cancel-Clear-Delete or Control-Alt-Delete. Another way of not welcoming the negative radio waves.


Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Tuning in to the positive waves in 3 simple ways

  1. Change the channel: Whatever is bothering you make peace with your emotion? Just by changing the channel on your radio station it’s like a shift in consciousness. You will forgive yourself from previous negative thoughts that kept the emotion alive.
  2. Be Who You Are: You will meet bullies all your life and let your kids know from an early age to accept in who they are. Teach your kids and yourself self-worth because everyone is listening to those frequencies. Whatever others say are not positive words to you, they are listening to a radio station that keeps them stuck in negative chatter.
  3. Be the best version of who you are: Don’t dwell on ‘I should’ve done this and should’ve done that’. Be the best version of who you are will take you on a journey and you will share with others to find their own Spiritual Warrior.

My weekend resolution on clearing and shielding myself in being the best version of who I am!


The children book Aimee and Divine Inspiration explains the journey of being the best version of who you are. She navigates on the river of life for a specific reason. If you want to clear away negative chatter, ask yourself these two questions.

  • Who’s driving your Rainbow boat?
  • Who’s the captain of your ship?
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How to Express Your Individuality in two Magical Ingredients?


Originality on St-Patrick’s Day

As I express my individuality I am aware of my uniqueness and I am perfect just as I am right now.

  • I am creative
  • I am manifesting awesome ideas

My first positive thought is always stay authentic. Being authentic you invite like-minded people into your life and they will be attracted to you.

The second positive thought is not getting worried about social acceptance. Each day I create a space of being myself and I won’t suppress my true self to gain other’s approval.

One missing piece of the puzzle is to keep my thoughts positive so I can increase the speed of my manifestation into my life it includes:

  • Money
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Creativity
  • Friendship

So, my higher vibration of positive affirmation lifts my thoughts, my feelings and my beliefs in the higher level of consciousness.

Two Magical Ingredients that increase manifestations

Self-Confidence:  Anything you are seeking is seeking you.

Faith: Have faith and open your arms to receive

Being in the self-empowerment we are here to manifest results and I’ve been doing these examples:

  • Speak and read positive affirmation
  • Boost my faith
  • Stay optimism when things get unfortunate

I stay in a positive attitude vortex because I know it attracts positive outcome. Therefore, I listen to myself speak and write and I Control/Alt/Delete any self-chatter in my head. I normally say, ”I no longer need your assistance at this time, I rather stay silent.” by doing so, I calm my self-judgement on myself and others and the chatter goes away.

Daily Practice Techniques

I start each day with something simple and favorable to my well-being.

  • Praying my affirmation
  • Meditation
  • Reading from an uplifting book

A reminder that everything in our lives depends on our optimism. Diane Bourgeois

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Trust the Changes You’ve Been Guided to Make

Your positive actions today are your investments in your future.





Resources: Angel numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue; Picture: Google in Pinterest
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Experience Faith’s Magical Magnetic Power

Keep the Faith!

Which draws to you everything good that you long-await

Do you know what your desires attracts?

Faith and Optimistic attract miracles.


I love this quote from

Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.

I will definitely keep that quote in mind.


You may not see it right now. bcb4c789274780f22b3eab321ab2c4bb

Above all have patience it’s the magical magnetic power for the final details that are being worked out in Heaven.

Do you know what the Magic Key is?

Keep the patience key in your hand for a reminder a new door of opportunity is around the corner.



A message that came to me this morning. Of course, with license plate numbers. Are you curious to know what the numbers are?

Have an AWESOME Monday!

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Releasing Negative Self-Talk

When negative self talk comes up I ask for guidance from above. Usually ‘signs’ cross my path and I take the time to listen to the wisdom of circumstance. Whether you know it or not we are part of a collective consciousness- God and Goddess listening to the divine tune of Source Energy. Listening to this divine energy has created positive outcomes, and helped me to release negative self-talk and patterns.


  • Ability to ‘Let go and let God’
  • The ability to hold positive thoughts and stay optimistic
  • Thoughts that materialize inner goodness
  • A feeling of being present at all times
  • Faith
  • A feeling of comfort, Love, Support in the here and now
  • Balance and centered energy

Follow your soul intuition, your gut feelings is where your center is. Keep checking if you’re out of balance and realize ‘walk your talk’ mentality. Sure enough you’ll be on your illuminated path. God Bless in the Realm of the Great I AM. God Almighty

Walk your talk quotes:

The beginning of your ‘’real’’ life, is the moment you decide to let the ‘’real’’ you live. The daily Power

‘’If you are not walking your talk and living what you teach others, people will not take you seriously and will not buy from you.’’ Felicia Slattery

‘’I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people, who live what they teach, who walk their talk.’’ Tony Robbins.

The world is changed by your example, not your opinion. Paulo Coelho

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