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What a Better Way to House Clean Your Body Part 2

As I explore my core belief, the central most important part of my soul. I realized I forgot about the Grand Central Sun. The energy Force who directs every star in my universal star system called my body. The soul spends an entire lifetime to remember the starlight that belongs to one Creator. I have no control of any stars within me. A Grander Force beyond any comprehension reveals itself. The mind cannot understand but the soul heart knows.


This year I’m exploring my eating habits and the way I speak to myself and others. I stumbled on an article about scientists who revealed we have two brains. Our abdomen is the ‘gut-brain connection’. It’s the gut feelings are highly regarded as a source of intuitive knowing and insight in many cultures around the globe.

‘You are what you eat?’

In my research for this popular phrase it brought me back in history at  from Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote,

  • Physiologie du Gout, ou Meditations de Gastronomie Trancendante, 1826. ‘’Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es.’’ English translation, ‘Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are’.

What we put in our mouth is our responsibility to take care of our universal star system. The more I read about GMO, pesticides and other chemicals we eat.

We become puppets to the industry who feeds us.


But what about water?

I wrote a blog called pH-Body Balance if the pH level of the water we drink is under 7 we are drinking dead water.

This is why when we hear about ‘Water is Life’ it’s not a joke. We need pure water.

Shadow Effect

It makes sense now where the shadow effect lives. Your ego is not in your brain but it’s in the Solar Plexus. Yeah! The Solar Plexus is a Chakra but I won’t get into the specific because it’s the seeker who requires looking for answers.

Your Solar Plexus is the survival of the ego. The shadow wants to exist and on a physical level we play a power game between the heart and the navel. Your navel is your belly button marks the spot where your umbilical cord was once attached. When the baby is born, he or she lets out a cry and breathe life.

We know we are connected to the Source Energy but when we start to eat and drink we forget where we came from. We start putting on this ego mask.


Your shadow is the ego mask that lives in fear. Your authentic self is your soul heart that lives in love.


It’s been two years now I had a problem with my abdomen and I got so frustrated with my bloating and constipation. I decided to reduce my portion on my plate and love who I am instead of pleasing my ego mask.

Instead of saying, ”I love food!” I say, ”I AM ENOUGH!”

The best advice for self is live the best way I know how and release all part of the shadow that includes:

  • Core issues
  • Concerns and fears that keep me stuck in the dark night of the soul.

Once I find a balance within my universal body, I will find

  • Strength
  • Overcome emotions that no longer serves a purpose in my body
  • Find my own gifts.

Did you know the shadow effect never leaves you?

But I do you know?

It’s always a speed bump ahead.

‘Life’s Speed Bump’?

It will always give us challenges on emotions we didn’t let go or forgive ourselves.


Unforgiveness challenges

  • ‘What you do to others comes back to you’
  • ‘Life is an echo, what you send out comes back.’

If someone did something to you it isn’t the persons fault. It’s hard to believe-right?

But now my conscious is so different from 10 years ago. Somewhere, somehow, someway I said something to someone in the past and years later karma it’s me in face.


What is Karma?

Everything comes back. Karma is like a rubber band. You can only stretch it so far before it comes back and smacks you in the face. Ah! Fear…

So why are we on this journey?


We all know why we are here on this earth. It iss to love and respect each other without any judgement.

But somewhere, somehow in time we acted in ways to hurt someone else.

The first incident 

I wanted to get power with my words because I felt powerless so I got angry with a guy and said bad things over the phone. I never spoke to this guy again and never apologized my action. The shadow effect didn’t want to let go and resentment stayed stuck in my cellular memory. The purpose behind the action and the perseverance of being right only took me so far.

We forget our action and life smacks you in the face years later.

The second incident

This is how we forgive ourselves in the present moment. When karma it’s you in the face, it’s not the time to tell the other person he’s or she’s wrong. It’s a time for silence and house cleansing WITHIN.

A reminder to have compassion with self when the incident happens. The more I continue to be angry and disrespectful to the other person I’m disrespectful to self.

From that incident this month it changes me for the better. I will only think good thoughts say nice things, do good for others. Heck! It’s even in the bible and every human being and every religion on earth knows the golden rule.

The golden rule: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. (Mattew 7:12)

I can relate to the golden rule because it happens to me so many times.

Being unkind to life; life will undue to love. Diane Bourgeois

Life is a maze

I see life like a maze but if you look at your brain, it looks similar. (Laughing)


What’s important is my journey in my mind and nobody else can do it for me. I’m the LoneWolf on a journey of finding her tribe. I know one day I will figure out my maze and follow my gut instincts.

Meanwhile, walking in the shadow if you didn’t forgive yourself for all the wrong doing. Think about….

  •       KARMA!

The shadow effect will always hunt you. The story of the Big Bang house cleansing (part 2) is to learn to walk in the shadow effect and not let my emotions get the best of me. If it does, it means I need to continue my house cleansing within. The LoveWolf never gives up and follows the trail. By faith it leads him or her where it needs to be.

It will be worth it in the end.

It doesn’t matter if you have to walk the maze alone for a while. It is much better to walk alone in the right direction and learn how to navigate your gut instincts.

Stay strong!

Be different!

God created the perfect SOUL STARTLIGHT to be on this earth we call Gaia.

Part 1 – What’s Your New Year Resolution for 2018?

Reference: Gratitude Journal: Compassion


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How to love your present moment: I AM THAT, I AM

Dear One

Imagine each person is a wonderful piece of who you are. They represent you in different ways. They show you their talents personality. See this in everyone and you will be shown the way! Remember who you are the greatest version of who you are. ‘God itself as One.’ Look at yourself in each one of you. You are who they are soon you will remember this. Soon you will see. Archangel Michael.


Everyone and everything is your teacher in your present moment- helping you to shine your light and show you the way. Below is a method to help you love your present moment with the people you like and don’t like.

Find 3 people that are closest to you that you LIKE and find 3 prominent qualities.

Name Name Name
1. 1. 1.
2. 2. 2.
3. 3. 3.

Find 3 people that are closest to you that you  DON’T LIKE and find 3 prominent qualities.

Name: Josephine Name Name
1. Monologue (talkative) 1. 1.
2. Determined 2. 2.
3.Commanding 3. 3.
Above an example, the name was changed to respect the person’s privacy.


The 3 qualities listed may be annoying to some, but after 6 years I’ve come to realize I needed to own these qualities in myself. These are 3 qualities that were shut down in my childhood because of negative beliefs.  Forgiveness is the answer- is there someone you need to forgive in your life?

When we forgive ourselves we stop judging our own image. When we look in the mirror the image we see is Love. 

‘Love everything about who we are.’

God Bless Archangel Michael

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GOD 101: Healing Planet Earth

Natives Americans are healing their people, let’s follow their example and join our ancestors in healing our people.

The movie The Dakota 38 really touched my heart. Watching it inspired me to forgive my family. Anger is resentment, and resentment is a feeling that can linger for generations.  Anger takes time to heal.

Let’s take the time to pray and reconnect with Mother Earth, our Mother womb of healing love. May the Dakota 38+2 capture your heart in healing yourself, and Mother Earth.

WOPIDA in the Dakota Dictionary means Thank You for peace.

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Day 3: Express Gratitude and Release Resentment

Day 3: I feel I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone by communicating my feelings of discontent. In the past I suppressed my feelings, played the victim, and let the fear of being ridiculed for living my truth, disconnect me from my ‘soul purpose’. Today, I realize fear and resentment – like rejection, anger, and bitterness, prevent us from being honest with ourselves, and hide our true essence…


The journey to self-esteem and self-worth is a blessing that inspires me to thank everyone in my life. We honor the people, and the space around us by being present. When we open our eyes to the ‘mirror of life’ we see how we resist our own weakness. By accepting our weaknesses, we release the discontent within…




Expressing your feelings means saying to the other person ‘I don’t love what you are doing to me because _______________.’Let the person know you are not okay with the way things are going, express yourself with clarity and ease to release frustration gradually.

The technique I used was that of self-identification and word association see below…

Compassion is:

·         Self-acceptance: Accept things as they are

·         Self-love: Take things less personally-self-respect

·         Self-care: Witness without judgment

The seed of bitterness in a garden of love is a poison that takes root in negative thoughts (fear, anger, frustration etc).

Bitterness takes root in:

·         Rejection: Denial of one’s inner ‘leader’ — An unconscious process

·         Blame: Toxic focus on external influence

·         Negative attachment: Toxic desire for emotional security


The poll below is a reminder to show gratitude and compassion to all beings… Who did you thank today in your surroundings with love and welcoming forgiveness?


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