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It’s Perfectly Fine!

It’s perfectly fine to be silly at work.

Honor your heart!


Comédien Québecois Michel Barette Hi Ha! Tremblay 

Especially when you feel time seems to stand still or whatever the reason…

Start listening to some music.

Music is good for the soul.


Google Image

 So I listened to


Hi Ha! Turn up the volume

download (1)Praise the Lord I saw the Light by David Crowder Band


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DAY 7: Everyday Signs from Our Spirit Guides

Journal 24.07. 2016 by Diane


A Number sequence showed up today.

My Spirit Guides are letting me know that it’s time to relax and have some fun.

I found this website interesting.

The numbers are related to the questions we ask the Universe. The best answers are found by following your intuition and your gut feelings.

Have an awesome day and above all BE LOVE!


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It is a wonderful occasion to be on the passenger side. You have a chance to take pictures and have fun. Traffic can delay your arrival somehow being in the present moment you can find the beauty surrounding you.


Look up at the sky and you may see an angel.


Look to the side of the road and you may see infinity staring back.

Or simply…



        on cloud 9

In a        dream state

  that brings a            Fairyland

Of   “Dream Big”

and the thought that I am ready for

                                                                                         my next road trip…

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