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GOD 101: Healing Planet Earth

Natives Americans are healing their people, let’s follow their example and join our ancestors in healing our people.

The movie The Dakota 38 really touched my heart. Watching it inspired me to forgive my family. Anger is resentment, and resentment is a feeling that can linger for generations.  Anger takes time to heal.

Let’s take the time to pray and reconnect with Mother Earth, our Mother womb of healing love. May the Dakota 38+2 capture your heart in healing yourself, and Mother Earth.

WOPIDA in the Dakota Dictionary means Thank You for peace.

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Letting go of control makes it harder to navigate through life. When things become overwhelming surrender to the divine self.

Release the anger about how life should be
Release the attachment to desire
Release thoughts of ‘Doing’ (do this, do that…)

I surrender Affirmation

I surrender
To Feeling acceptance
I surrender
To seeing JOY in the now
I surrender
To Accepting what is
I surrender
To savory Serenity

  • I surrender
  • To Learning to be the light,
  • to Simply being
  • In the emptiness
  • and Feeling Peace.


At forty life taught me valuable lessons in controlling myself, and my surroundings. The lessons- Focus and surrender. Focus on wellness and see the body heal.  Surrender to what is and became fully present.  Mirror oneness, and Oneness will mirror you:  One sees in others what he is in himself.

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