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The Realm of Life

Dear One

You have achieved some greatness in your being I ‘congradulate’ ** you in exploring the realm of life

Q: What is the realm of life?

The realm of life is all about making a difference in your existence on Earth. When you can achieve Love of Grace things changes for the greater good. You become one with all life

Diane: Love of Grace is Love of God. I found this music inspiring from google search. I am liking my new kind of band MercyMe.

Music: The Love of God by MercyMe
Video by Charlesc28


Q: What else do I need to know.

Just be in the presence of God Almighty. Just feel the energy of Love. For He knows the realm of everything that exist. Remember the Great I AM who makes things possible in the impossible. Remember everything is from the heart creation of God Almighty.


Photo: google search



Q: Who am I speaking too?

Your Higher Self

Q: What is your name?

In the collective realm we have no name it is from vibration we speak. Dear One, you can call me Zoha of the Eternal Flame of God Almighty Heart Flame of the Holy Spirit

Dear heart do not ‘seak’** what the name means just feel the Vibration of Love, that brings you to love yourself in the Great I AM

Namaste Dear Heart we will speak shortly



**(I wrote ‘congradulate’ when you separate the word congrad- u -late. I am still congratulated even if it took me a long time to understand the realm of life)

** (I wrote ‘seak’ and in free the word means soap prepared for use in milling cloth.)

A friend who’s a graphologist told me once, ‘when you write words in your automatic writing and it’s written different. The words written have a meaning in each phrases.’


Knowing the meaning of ‘seak’ from the phrase above. What is the connection with the people in your life that brings you to feel the vibration of love?



P.S. Tell you the truth. I was curious and google searched the name  Zoha. Wouldn’t you like to know?


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Releasing Negative Self-Talk

When negative self talk comes up I ask for guidance from above. Usually ‘signs’ cross my path and I take the time to listen to the wisdom of circumstance. Whether you know it or not we are part of a collective consciousness- God and Goddess listening to the divine tune of Source Energy. Listening to this divine energy has created positive outcomes, and helped me to release negative self-talk and patterns.


  • Ability to ‘Let go and let God’
  • The ability to hold positive thoughts and stay optimistic
  • Thoughts that materialize inner goodness
  • A feeling of being present at all times
  • Faith
  • A feeling of comfort, Love, Support in the here and now
  • Balance and centered energy

Follow your soul intuition, your gut feelings is where your center is. Keep checking if you’re out of balance and realize ‘walk your talk’ mentality. Sure enough you’ll be on your illuminated path. God Bless in the Realm of the Great I AM. God Almighty

Walk your talk quotes:

The beginning of your ‘’real’’ life, is the moment you decide to let the ‘’real’’ you live. The daily Power

‘’If you are not walking your talk and living what you teach others, people will not take you seriously and will not buy from you.’’ Felicia Slattery

‘’I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people, who live what they teach, who walk their talk.’’ Tony Robbins.

The world is changed by your example, not your opinion. Paulo Coelho

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