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WHAT THE HEALTH – Full Documentary




I believe we need to wake up.

I’m exhausted with all the lies happening for our health. All because of monitory gain.

I don’t know what else to say and all I can do is pray and send love into the world.

So I’m sharing this documentary from google search called, WHAT THE HEALTH



I wanted to listen again to the documentary but when you click on the link above for the documentary it got debunked. Here is a interview with Dr. Neal Barnard in clarifying from the criticism in the film.

To learn more about what the health, you can always click on the website.


Be careful what you eat. All you need is to detoxify three organs.


Sugar and salt gradually reduce the energy of your kidneys. Think about it.

Your kidneys handle the watery liquids in your body.

They clean your blood 24 hours a day.

Regulate all your body fluids

Regulate heart, sexual functions, digestive fluids, brain, emotions and lots more.

Large Intestine

The colon is connected with the sinuses.

In the early 1900s a doctor named Tilden cured people of deadly pneumonia using enemas, colonics and live foods.


The liver filters oil soluble waste

Your skin is like an extension of your liver.

Your skin is talking to you. If your skin itches, burns, tingles, breaks out, is really dry, or you have eczema, psoriasis or rashes, it means your liver is toxic and full of garbage. If you want nice skin, start by cleaning your liver, and kidneys.




Heal you face by Markus Rothkranz



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Acceptance – Love who you are!

Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is,
right here and now. – Fred Rogers

A powerful way to love who you are is by ‘ACCEPTING ALL’ that you are in the present moment. The phrase ‘swim with the current of the stream’ means – to accept everything in life is to be aligned with the Universe.

If you’ve ever swum against a powerful ocean current, you know your energy can be futilely depleted. The same happens when you fight the flow of life. –Judith Orloff M.D.

When we Love who we are we accept what is, we honor life, instead of “manage” or “control” the should or should not’s. Life is imperfect so ENJOY BEING YOU! Weird, beautiful, quirky…Own it! Affirm it! Be it!

Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion. – David Icke

My health is my wealth
Love is my abundance
I love myself from a place of abundance while rooted in this present moment.

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