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Amazing Grace

Today is a good day!

Quiet thoughts-

I Feel different.

I Feel the sorrow of humanity…

The World is being bombarded with fear

My heart is saddened.

The predictions on Melbrake and World Predictions call for more sorrow-


The Love of Grace tells me

Not let darkness dim your light

Your light is always shining

Your soul heart is always connected to Source

Pray for love

Shine your light like a brightest star

Always remember this Dear heart,

You are LOVE

LOVE conquers all darkness

Spread your star

It will guide you to your Higher Self

Bring forth your uniqueness of Grace..

What is Grace?

Grace: In a heartfelt wisdom of pure love and joy. God resides in your heart. God meaning the energy force. Call it ‘the force be with you’ if you which to have more of a clarity of what is pure love and joy.

This is the message I received about the things that are happening with the world. Today is all about sharing love and joy. Spread your star of light and love. Share your love and gratitude today with a stranger…

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John 14:6


May all my children pray on this day of light and love. We gather here in rejoice for the love of humanity. Blessings to all who have spark a light in their heart. That is where humility resides.

Mother Mary loves her children she is our mother in our hearts. Ask for the Grace of Humility because the opposite of coming in truth is when we try to hide in the shadow and forget who we truly are –The Light

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On the 11th day I created my life!

The weekend is near so why not schedule a weekend off? Sounds like a plan! What about the present moment? I can start at any time to enjoy myself in the now. Love your life every single minute!


I realize that I can stop ‘everything’ even when I’m not suppose to- you can too. How when your at work, school and busy with stuff? Take a time out! A walk, a trip to the photocopier, a 5 minute washroom brake- anything just enjoy and relax.  Remember you are a co-creator of your dreams, the universe is always there helping you to manifest…

Are you feeling the 101% love of God today?




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