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Nature is the Cure for Cleansing our Emotions.

Sunday morning walk and I got creative by taking many photos.

I love waterfall!


Gatineau Park

I’ve mention in my previous post about my upcoming adventure in synchronicity in motion.  I’m starting my adventure with simplicity and purification with the help of a waterfall.

Nature is the cure for cleansing our emotions. While meditating sit near a water stream at the bottom of the waterfall where you wont get wet and close your eyes.

Visualize the waterfall washing and cleansing your emotional body and it’s an excellent way of purifying your soul. If you don’t have a waterfall near your place it’s the same visualization in the shower with a little bit more imagination.

As you sit near the water feel the flow of life energy cleansing your emotions and feel the worries flowing away in the stream. The water stream will purify your worries into positive thoughts.


Gatineau Park

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The Violet Tree (Lion’s Gate Portal Meditation) – Magental Pixie

Meditation The Violet Tree (Lion’s Gate Portal Meditation)


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Day 30: The Intuitive Compass: Dare to follow your Heart


Trust your intuition and be guided by love. Charles Eisenstein

spiritual love gps

The heart is a compass, it helps in finding which direction you need to go. Tools like the pendulum, oracles cards, also help to answer our questions. Seeking answers through meditation is very powerful, 15 minutes or more a day grants you access to the answers within!



What is God?

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