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Happy Mother’s Day – Gaia!

Mother Earth is also our Mother. Please respect our Mother Gaia


Goddess Earth- Mother


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Water is Life!


Mountain Spring Water 

As I read Sue Dreamwalker’s blog Mothering Sunday, Spreading Love and Light she introduce us to Tom’s blog, Beyond The Sphere.

What an amazing idea to spread love with a digital candle on post entitled Sharing The Light.

I feel the love energy that our Mother Earth gives us every day without her we wouldn’t have water to drink for our survival and for all life here on planet earth. Every two weeks we get our mountain spring water about 45 minutes where we live. It’s a busy place and thanks of gratitude toward the city of Wakefield to give us free fresh water. I am sharing CTV news published in 2014 Wakefield muses charging non-residents for spring water. Water should be free! I’m sharing this candle for the love of our water and Tom invites us to share is Candle creations upon our blogs as we spread the Light in our darkness times. Fear shouldn’t be an issue rather ignite the energy of love from our heart should be all that matters.


What a wonderful idea to share a Light Candle on social media so we can spread light around the world. I have chosen this one and I hope you choose yours and let Tom know you are spreading light in your part of the Country. I’m sharing mind from Quebec, Canada.

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Earthing, Ancient Wisdom

Barefoot_April 22_2016_10C

Reading my friend Sue Dreamwalker blog ‘Earth Day – Should be every day’ I decided to write about Earthing.

What is Earthing?

Earthing, also known as grounding, connect to Earth’s electrical energy promotes physical wellbeing.

You can watch the full movie. The Grounded documentary.




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GOD 101: Healing Mother Earth- The Movement

Four tips Jeff Bridges gave us to effect change ourselves:

  1. Bring reusable items with you
  2. Refuse plastic when it’s offered
  3. Say “no straw” please
  4. Only purchase items in sustainable packaging like glass and wax paper

Visit Plastic Pollution Coalition – The Movement

Other blog


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The Call of the Rainbow Warriors

This is an urgent message to all Rainbow Warriors to remember their light within. The ‘’Ancient Ones’’ shine their soul light so we may remember the joyful blessings of the Creator in returning ‘’Mother Earth’’ to beauty.

It is Time! Mother Earth is calling us.

To be chosen to walk the path to Light is not a decision made by some religious leader, government agency or politician. It is a personal choice, made by a mind and heart free of idols of modern materialism. It is a decision made between you and the Creator.

As we approach the countdown to the New Year ask yourself -what would I like to change in 2016?


For more information please visit the links below:

The calling of Manataka place of peace – the Unbroken Circle.
Standing Bear Speaks -message of Manataka you can read it here.

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