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Spider Invasion

Spiders is an opportunity to access our deepest wisdom and assimilate it so it becomes a part of your daily living– Dr. Steven Farmer

I said, ”Ah spider! You’ve invaded my tomato plant. I don’t like you. Beware I’m getting rid of your spider web and knock you down.”

In between leaves he wouldn’t budge and holding on to is prey.


I exclaimed, ‘’You won for now!’’

I knew it! The spider web is back.


Yuck! I don’t like spiders but I’m embracing its unique message from my animal spirit guide.

A spider shows up when you’re stuck in this apparent impasse- Dr. Steven Farmer.

So I’m thinking, I need to open my mind to the infinite number of possibilities are before me and choose.

So this spider is showing me to not limit myself to the mundane world!

The spider showed me there were no limits to create another spider web. This spider I don’t like at all, gives me this message to ”think outside the box” and explore other realities.

What does this mean! ‘’Explore other realities?’’

When I looked up what reality means in Wikipedia. It tells that is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. A still broader definition includes that which has existed, exists, or will exist.

I’m supposed to explore other realities. Mmmm….

Does this mean to explore alternate realities or parallel Universe?

Listening to these videos Universe or Multiverse Documentary and The Best Parallel Universe Documentary made me think deeply about what the spider animal spirit guide is telling me.

This mean the spider web looks like the cosmic web?

Next time I see a spider I’ll welcome its presence at a distance and not in my house thank you.

Who knows you may see my creative writing change without limits or habits. Just like the spider creating another spider web.

Allow yourself to be inspired by Nature-Dr. Steven Farmer.

Thank you spider for this great lesson.


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Happy Mother’s Day – Gaia!

Mother Earth is also our Mother. Please respect our Mother Gaia


Goddess Earth- Mother


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Earthing, Ancient Wisdom

Barefoot_April 22_2016_10C

Reading my friend Sue Dreamwalker blog ‘Earth Day – Should be every day’ I decided to write about Earthing.

What is Earthing?

Earthing, also known as grounding, connect to Earth’s electrical energy promotes physical wellbeing.

You can watch the full movie. The Grounded documentary.




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The Water Flows Freely In Spring

‘’Water sustains all life. Her songs begin in the tiniest of raindrops, transforms to flowing rivers, travels to majestic oceans and thundering clouds and back to earth again. When water is threatened, all living things are threatened.’’ –Indigenous Declaration on Water

It’s always nice to step outside, and be in nature, for me it’s the number one place to be. The water of life flows freely and always goes back to the source-the river of life.




Unbroken ice



Ready to be broken in pieces



The river of life flows freely



An afternoon breeze sees dogs having fun with their owners in the park.



Big trees to admire



The sun to look at




A bridge to walk on



The perfect job: watching the flow of the water




It’s so wonderful to be close to the falls, and hear the water flowing freely. We are fortunate to have the east dam of the Rideau Falls so close to home (Rideau Canal world heritage site)






I took these pictures to bring you a view of spring, and I hope it brings you joy.  God Bless to you all, and remember the earth is alive, vibrant and here for us to admire!

Love You Mother Gaia!




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GOD 101: Healing Mother Earth – story 2

Sometimes on life’s journey we start things without knowing the ‘why?’. Sometimes you have to look to the past to reminded yourself in the Now ‘that it was all for a good cause’…

Years ago my sister and I used to use a machine called Yogourmet to make yogurt. Not only was the machine fun to use, but it helped the environment. In the 90’s the usage of plastic containers was out of control, but it pails in comparison to the amounts used today.  As a result climate change is realer an issue now than it was in the 90’s…

Homemade Yogourt

Below an innovative use for plastic waste in the form of plastic bottle Art. The picture is a reflection of the reality of our species- a legacy of plastic pollution.

What is your reflection on today’s topic about using and buying too much plastic?


Here is a video link on plastic pollution in the ocean & a call to action by marine biologist Wallace J Nichols: 

A TED talk with Capt. Charles Moore about the same topic:

Let’s make a different in healing the planet!

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