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Happy Mother’s Day!

Take care of your woman in life and Happy Mother’s Day!


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A new chapter begins after 33 days

I had a blast meditating each morning during my 33 day journey, I feel a continued closeness with Mother God. My energy is high during the day- I feel energized! We are not alone. Connecting with my Higher Self surrendered me to love, and fueled my ‘battery of JOY’!

Engaging in creative projects is the opening essence of the message of the Divine…

Just like placing the pieces of a puzzle together, synchronicity arranges the ‘pieces’ in the vortex we call life.

Creating balance, and harmony in the ‘body of the vortex’, helps align yin yang energy and return to WHOLENESS. Going through the ‘Mother Energy’ brings us to the Father. Get closer to Jesus through Mary!

The inspiration: A mother will always be a mother to her children

I went to Shaolin, China for an advanced meditation retreat. It was while meditating in this context that I felt the Mother Love Energy. This energy is unconditional love, it vibrates in every cell of your body- I can still feel the Love of Oneness…


Stay tuned for the story of synchronicity in motion after day 33. The new experiences are chronicled in my new series called GOD 101 (

Why 33 days ?
It represents the number of years that Jesus dwelt among us… People think you’re crazy when you say you receive direct messages from Mother Mary. The ego attracts doubters, while the heart and spirit, deliver hope and faith.

‘I am quietly embracing Grace’
a journey,
a soul,
A connection that holds the expression of love itself…

Our Mother showed why:

Real Men Pray The Rosary.
33 keys to spiritual mastery to unlock the door to consciousness by Michelle Walling.
33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Michael E. Gaitly Mic
Lady of the Rainbow Sun: ‘’I come because I love you.’’ By melbrake

Morning Glory of Divine Wisdom
Namaste. Dear heart of all hearts, may your life journey evolve into a beautiful flower, embrace the love of abundance each Morning Glory of Divine wisdom. The Queen of All Hearts

Synchronicity in motion with music

How Great thou Art—Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill

Elvis Presley singing about the Miracle of the Rosary.
Angels are among us. Enjoy this song from Sarah McLaughlin and Pink – The Arms Of The Angel (HD) Live.
Click here for the start of my 33 day journey with The Queen of All Hearts.

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