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I Need More Faith in Myself


Butterfly! Bring my written words to Cosmic Love

As I gather my pieces of papers for a burning ceremony of my old written emotional thoughts. I found this butterfly card. I began reading the written words and understood that words are the art of manifestation. Every time I burn the written words on a piece of paper of old pain I experience a release of tension in my cellular memories.


Burning Ceremony

When I observe the fire burning the papers into ashes I say to myself, ‘‘I’m releasing old wounds and thank you fire elemental to release the past from my body. I thank you air elemental to bring the smoke up high so my cellular memories can heal in the Cosmic Love”.

I want to share what I wrote many moons ago, and it became a profound message for me in the present moment. A message I wrote to myself about the topic, ‘I need more faith in’.

Dear Diane,

I need more faith in…

…the people around me.

…myself of knowing I can manifest my life in different ways.

…my family. They are doing the best they can be in the now.

…my Heavenly ancestors. They are looking over me in my journey.

Our path to God is a spiritual enlightenment so,





Faith is a different form. I am always around you. So have faith in people! Even in the ones, that may not seem right at the time.

Please help me Faith.

Personal thoughts

Sometimes the mystery behind words and phrases, takes me on a quest for a deeper meaning.

Did you realize faith has different forms?

How do you feel when you reflect on Faith? 

I feel the connection in trusting in a higher order to life. Such as, a force which is the source of all life connects all life forms.

I had an idea what it meant but taking the time to share and learn its remarkable when you go on this spiritual journey. According to Richard Christopher he believes, from the Bible, there are only three kinds of faith, dead faith, demonic faith and active faith.

Details are not important here because one thing for sure, I don’t want to start a Biblical conversation. Our journey within can manifest in different forms because we are here to live and learn in our own way.

I understand this phrase now, ‘Faith is a different form.’

It’s a way of saying faith is discernment. No matter what we humans say our perception to life can take different forms. I’m proud to say now I bless the person who crosses my path to heal my wounds in my cellular memories. May faith bring in me and the other person a sense of forgiveness in each other and move on to attract positive outcome.

Write in the comments below, how do you feel and do you perceive any other forms of faith?

God Bless and Happy Easter weekend 2017 with friends and family!

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Four Affirmations That Flows With The Universe

The morning question…

What’s going on in my life? My financial issues are boring.

On my way to work four acronyms and number 888 shows up.

Can you imagine a quick respond from the Universe and I’m like what…? What do you mean with the four acronyms?

Let your neurons flow with the Universe in your body.


Four affirmations to attract money in your direction!

  • Total Value

I affirm my abundance to the Universe. My value is ACTION of the HEART.

  • Total Victory

I am victorious in my heart

  • Trigger Values

I feel prosperous with what I have and even when things trigger my soul.

  • Total Voltage

My synapses are in high voltage of positive energy with this intention; the Universe brings the financial awareness.



In my research this morning I came to the conclusion with a metaphor.

Keep your mind positive your neurons transmitters’ sends electrical or chemical signals throughout your body. When we think negative the emotional waves get cut up in a spider webs. Today, we call it emotional blockages.

888: This is a very auspicious sign of complete financial support from the Universe. Money is flowing in your direction! (Angels Numbers 101-Doreen Virtue)




Your neurons and synopses are no different from the UNIVERSE.

Don’t be shy ask the help you need from the Divine Source. Who knows you might get an AWESOME answer.



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On Clutter: Part 1

De-Cluttering Your Space-Purify Your Life

Renewing Your Life

Renewing Your Life ”Radiant vitality is filling my life!”

Every time this card shows up it’s a sign that I am too attached to certain items in my house. It also reminds me that some situations, and people that are in my life, don’t empower me. Clearly an inner and outer clearing of clutter is needed immediately!

First you must de-clutter your home like you don’t own anything. This means do not get attached to anything or anyone. Archangel Gabriel.

Too much clutter can overshadow your life:

  1. Your auric field gets sluggish and foggy
  2. Your living or work space becomes dingy
  3. Your health goes down hill

In purifying your life you create space for new beginnings, new opportunities that sparkle of light and love of abundance. Be kind to yourself by following these two easy steps:

  1. Clear the clutter from your space (car, desk, garage, basement etc.)
  2. Eat the food Mother Nature provides.

Imagine living in an amazing space surrounded only by the things and people that bring you joy and peace.







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