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Happy 4th Anniversary!

Happy 4th anniversary wordpress

It’s time to celebrate my 4th year of blogging at

It’s a great opportunity to say


To everyone who read my blogs.

I know I haven’t been writing for quite a while and thank you for your patient.

The New Year has been an inner healing so I can shine when the time comes.

If you miss my blog in the beginning you can always click below.

When the time is right I’ll write an update on my inner healing.

For now sending everyone a Happy Spring!







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GOD 101: Healing Planet Earth

Natives Americans are healing their people, let’s follow their example and join our ancestors in healing our people.

The movie The Dakota 38 really touched my heart. Watching it inspired me to forgive my family. Anger is resentment, and resentment is a feeling that can linger for generations.  Anger takes time to heal.

Let’s take the time to pray and reconnect with Mother Earth, our Mother womb of healing love. May the Dakota 38+2 capture your heart in healing yourself, and Mother Earth.

WOPIDA in the Dakota Dictionary means Thank You for peace.

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